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Wind Energy

As one of the leading manufacturers of generators for wind turbines, we cover both the onshore and the offshore markets with a power range, at present, from 750 kW to 6,000 kW. In addition to conventional and doubly-fed induction generators, our product portfolio also includes synchronous generators with electric and permanent magnet excitation. System tests up to 5 MW (generator and inverter) are carried out in our newly constructed, state of the art test field in Weiz.
The strength of ELIN Motoren is the many years of experience with various cooling concepts such as water jacket cooling, air-water and air-to-air cooling along with a wide range of references both in the onshore and offshore areas. We strive for close partnerships and collaborations with our customers and can ensure, when required, a local supply and service support throughout the product life-cycle in the main markets.