We Keep the World in Motion.

Power Plants

As a planning partner for high-quality, medium voltage motors and controlled system solutions we, together with our process partners, implement innovative drive concepts for the next generation of thermal power plants. You will benefit from our decades of experience in the requirements of the power industry and our expertise as the drive technology specialists.


Through active investigation of interfaces, putting together tailored packages for both mechanical and electrical speed controls and dedicated, flexible project management, we bring your project forward safely and efficiently. As a full-range supplier, we support all the companies in the supply chain of power stations (owner / planner / general contractor / OEM) with motor solutions for all power plant applications (pumps, fans, mills etc.) in the power range from 300 kW to 35 MW. For special applications, we offer water jacket cooled motors in the power range between 70 kW and 1 MW.

Decentralized Energy Systems

Our synchronous and asynchronous generators for electric power generation are characterized by high efficiency and reliability. The synchronous generators are used worldwide for steam turbines, hydro turbines, gas turbines, as well as for gas and diesel engines. The 4-pole range extends from 3 to 50 MVA and the higher pole ranges from 1 to 30 MVA for voltages from 3.15 to 15 kV. In the oil and gas sector, we provide synchronous generators with explosion protection types Ex-n, Ex-e and Ex-p. We develop synchronous and asynchronous generators specially designed for hydro turbines.